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On Summer Days, the Sun Sways...
SEpisode 8 title
Natsu no Hi, Taiyō wa Yurete...
Air date November 26, 2009
Season Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor
Episodes 08
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The Doll Sings to the Wind Flower...
A Sudden Meeting On A Certain Day...
Shion after killing Tanya
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Unaware of the fact that their enemies are on the same train, Hei gets caught by Repnin, and Suou gets captured by Tanya. Repnin is interested in Hei and tries to recruit him, but Hei turns him down. Not giving up, Repnin goes into how there’s been a rumor of some Contractors in the past few years who have committed suicide due to the power of a certain Doll. He wants that Doll because he hates Contractors, and he would be grateful to Hei if Hei killed Ilya Sokolov since Sokolov had previously killed Repnin’s niece. Hei, however, turns the tables on Repnin by indicting him for not being able to do anything himself, and he stabs Repnin in the hand with a knife before escaping. Elsewhere on the train, Tanya questions why Suou didn’t kill her during their previous encounter, and Suou attributes it to how Hei stopped her. When Suou claims that she’s glad that she didn’t shoot though since they’re friends, Tanya points to how friends can hate each other, and she recounts how she once hated Suou for being too close with Nika.

Their conversation is interrupted when the injured Repnin radios Tanya to tell her to stop the train and leave with Suou. Tanya does exactly this, but Hei pursues and is able to buy enough time for Suou to escape her captor. Hei then finishes off Repnin. Suou meanwhile tries to take refuge in an outdoor pool, but Tanya eventually finds her. What gets Suou’s attention is how Tanya seems to be momentarily affected by Suou splashing water onto her, however Tanya refocuses on her task and goes after Suou again with her power. Suou responds by bringing out her rifle, but her memories of Tanya combined with how Hei didn’t want her to shoot anymore cause her to hesitate. Much to Suou’s shock, Tanya gets shot anyway, and when Hei, July, and Mao arrive on the scene, they think that Suou was the one who fired. Hei even tells her that it’s okay for her to shoot in order to defend herself, but all of this confuses Suou, and she decides to go a different way than Hei. July follows her, bringing along Mao, and Hei makes no attempt to stop her. Unbeknownst to Suou, Tanya’s actual killer was Shion who had been sniping from a nearby building.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Suou Pavlichenko (flashback)
  2. Nika Lobanov (flashback)
  3. Sascha (flashback)
  4. Tanya Akulova (flashback)
  5. Misaki Kirihara
  6. Oreille
  7. Repnin
  8. Tanya Akulova
  9. July
  10. Suou Pavlichenko
  11. Mao
  12. Hei
  13. Genma Shizume
  14. Yin (flashback)
  15. Shion Pavlichenko
  16. Mikhail Pavlichenko
  17. Yoshimitsu Horai (voice only)
  18. Amber (voice only)