The PTRD-41 is Suou's sniper rifle in the Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor. It fires the 14.5x114mm round (.57 Cal). The PTRD-41 (Shortened from Russian, ProtivoTankovoye Ruzhyo Degtyaryova) was an anti-tank rifle produced and used from early 1941 by the Soviet Red Army during World War II. It was a single-shot weapon which fired a 14.5x114mm round. The 14.5mm armor-piercing round had a bullet weight of 64.4 grams and a muzzle velocity of 1012 m/s. It had a massive 32000 Joules of energy making it twice as powerful as a 12.7mm (.50 Cal) round. It could penetrate an armor plate up to 35 to 40mm (40mm with tungsten ammunition) thick at a distance of 100 meters at 0 degrees. The effective muzzle brake absorbes 40 to 50% of the rifles recoil, making it controllable enough to be hand fired. It still has a lot of recoil though and in some cases it can cause injury to the user. One of the PTRD-41's most distinctive features was its huge muzzle flash and its ability to take out entire reinforced concrete walls with one or two rounds.

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