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S2G2 Qin Profile pic
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Occupation Cook
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Gaiden 02
Last Seen Gaiden 04

Qin is a cook living in Hong Kong. He has connections to the criminal underworld.


Qin has short but messy black hair and long sideburns.


He is a nervous individual and smokes. He is also somewhat caring and is kind enough to take in an orphaned baby.

Part in the Story[]


S2G2 Qin, Hei, Yin

Qin is asked to assist Yin and Hei.

When Hei and Yin arrive in Hong Kong, they go to Qin to make arrangements for their journey. At their request, he puts out word that Hei intends to sell Yin in order to lure out their pursuers. He then brings them to meet with Xiao Jie, who expressed interest in buying Yin. When the meeting turns violent, Qin flees with Yin and attempts to hide from Xiao's brother who follows them. They are spared when Xi-Qi kills the man and they manage to avoid danger until they link up with Hei again. They are then rescued by remnants of the Evening Primrose organization.[1]

S2G4 Qin scolds Hei

Qin gives out to Hei while cooking, with the baby on his back.

EPR brings them to their jungle hideout where Qin acts as a chef for the Contractors. When Xi-Qi causes Yin to begin to awaken, Qin follows Hei in to the jungle in search of her. Instead, they find a number of dead EPR Contractors. Qin hears a baby crying and carries the infant back to the hideout.[2] Qin later returns to Hong Kong where he looks after the baby while continuing his chef duties. During this time, Hei begins drinking heavily, prompting Qin to scold him for his behaviour.[3]


Gaiden Appearances
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