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S2G3 Rubber Band Contractor
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Ability Projectile Enhancement
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Evening Primrose
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 20
Last Seen Gaiden Episode 4

She is a Contractor working for the Evening Primrose organization.


She has green eyes and long black hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She often wears clothes which leave her abdomen bare, as well as shorts, gloves and boots. After the attack on the Saturn Ring, she has a scar down the left side of her face, above and below her eye. She keeps her hair at shoulder length.[1]


Projectile Enhancement Ability

Projectile Enhancement with rubber bands.

Projectile Enhancement: This ability allows the Contractor to shoot rubber bands as energy projectiles that have the force of armor-piercing ammunition. The projectiles are capable of passing through a soldier's helmet, skull and out the other side of the helmet.[2]

Obeisance: Unknown

Part in the Story[]

The Black Conractor[]

S1E20 Amagiri and Rubber band EPR Contractor

Amagiri talks with her.

When Amagiri fights Hei outside Alma's hideout, and subsequently lets him go to Alma, she questions the merits of this. Amagiri tells her it is alright.[3]

She participates in the battle outside PANDORA, acting as a decoy to distract PANDORA from the attempt to infiltrate and destroy the Saturn Ring and divert attention from the EPR's Doll network. She falls back to the truck the Dolls are in and is present when the injured Brita teleports in to the truck, which is subsequently destroyed by a missile.[2]


She survives the attempt to destroy the Saturn Ring and accompanies Amagiri and the other remnants of EPR to an abandoned outpost in the jungle where they regroup from the battle. She is with Amagiri when he arrives in Hong Kong and helps rescue Hei, Qin and Yin from Xiao Jie and her brothers.[4]

Back at their sanctuary, she is tricked by Xi-Qi in to thinking that Amagiri is going in to the jungle to kill Hei. When the real Amagiri asks her where Hei is, she accompanies him in to the jungle to stop Xi-Qi. However, she and most of the other Contractors are killed by Yin when she begins to awaken.[1]


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