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Russian Intelligence is yet another intelligence organisation in Darker than Black. Known members are:

  • Itzhak: He and Bertha were spies in Japan. They tried to capture Yin but failed. He was killed by Huang.
  • Bertha: She and Itzhak were spies in Japan. They tried to capture Yin but failed. She was killed by Hei.
  • Goran: A Contractor possessing the ability of increased speed, who is also under their employ. He attempts to stop April escaping with Suou, believing Suou to be Shion, but he is ultimately killed by April.
  • Tanya Akulova: Suou's best friend. Having become a Contractor via unknown means in the second season, Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor, she also joins the organization in order to hunt down Suou's twin brother, Shion. She herself implies that she is not a fully-fledged member as of yet, or possibly a low-ranking one, as she says to Suou that hunting down Shion will give her a 'prestigious rank' as a 'reward'. While facing Suou she is killed by Shion.
  • Ilya Sokoloff: A Contractor possessing the ability to incapacitate victims by brain asphyxiation, depriving his targets' brains of oxygen. He is first seen in the doll warehouse where he kills one of the smugglers. He attempts to kidnap Suou and obtain the meteor fragment for his employers, but is ultimately stopped and killed by Hei.


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