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S1E24 Saturn Ring Decoy

The particle accelerator.

The Saturn Ring is a secret project being undertaken in PANDORA.


Under the control of Eric Nishijima and developed by Robert Schroeder, who claims it is his life's greatest invention, it aims to use a particle accelerator to destroy the Hell's Gate and thus eradicate Contractors. This was attempted five years previously with Heaven's Gate and the Jupiter Ring, but failed due to the accelerator's destruction. The wall surrounding Hell's Gate is intended not only to stop people from accessing the area, but it is also a fortress designed to protect the Saturn Ring's particle accelerator and a second accelerator concealed within the facility that acts as a back-up in case of a repeat attempt to destroy the accelerator.[1]


S1E24 Saturn Ring Graphic

Schematic of the Saturn Ring particle accelerator.

The Saturn Ring is a particle accelerator which fires a a beam of electrons at the centre of a lens, originally intended to be the Meteor Fragment, but following its theft, a replacement substance created by Dr. Schroeder. The beam destroys the stability of the Hell's Gate.[2] The intention is that during the Solar Maximum's final stage, a thirty minute period during which the sunspots cover the greatest area, the Saturn Ring will be used to create and accelerate anti-Gate particles and fire them at the core of Hell's Gate, destroying it.[1] The power-up procedure is complex and involves the creation and gathering of numerous anti-Gate particles and their emission from a retractable emitter. When successfully activated, it triggers a wave of intense white light which engulfs the Gate and Tokyo beyond the wall.[3]


While preparing to use the particle accelerator to destroy the Hell's Gate during the Solar Maximum, the facility is stormed by Evening Primrose and Hei. The attack destroys the accelerator at a critical moment, preventing the annihilation of the Hell's Gate. However, the accelerator that is destroyed was effectively just a decoy, with a back-up accelerator hidden within the facility.[1] With the help of Amber reversing time, Hei is able to reach the Saturn Ring and use his ability to alter the molecular nature of the anti-Gate particles needed for the successful destruction of Hell's Gate, foiling the plan.[4]


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