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Sergei Viktorov
S1E11 Sergei Vectrof Profile
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation PANDORA
Partner Mina Kandaswamy‎
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 11
Last Seen Chapter 21. Survival Skill
Japanese Voice Hideyuki Tanaka
English Voice James Stephens

Sergei Viktorov (セルゲイ・ベクトロフ, Serugei Bekutorofu) is a scientist who worked in Sector Three at PANDORA.


Sergei is an older man with brown hair at the back and sides for his head, bald on top. He has brown eyes.


Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E11 Sergei Vectrof, Mina Kandaswamy

Sergei and Mina oversee the remote exploration.

Sergei oversees the Third Sector team which operates a surveillance camera inside the Hell's Gate. To aid in the study of the Gate and its effects, he recruits a large number of Sanitation Department workers to study how different people experience the effects of the same footage. While the remote camera is exploring the Gate, Sergei and his team are surprised to find that a crater has appeared, blocking the way. He notes that the map will have to be redrawn again. He is further shocked by the appearance of a flash of light on the footage which he attributes to the Meteor Fragment.[1]

S1E12 Hei threatens Sergei Vectrof

Hei threatens Sergei.

When Nick Hillman's recon team enters the Hell's Gate to recover the Meteor Fragment, Sergei watches the footage they send back before most of them are killed. After Hei recovers the Meteor Fragment, Sergei secretly tells him that arrangements have been made for his departure. Sergei confirms that he knew about Nick being a Contractor all along, but did not tell Hei as he wanted to see the power of the Meteor Fragment for himself. Hei grabs him as if meaning to use his ability on Sergei before letting him go and asking what will become of Mina. Sergei tells him that her daily life will remain the same.[2]

S1E22 Sergei Vectrof and Eric Nishijima

Sergei informst Eric Nishijima they can proceed with the Saturn Ring without Schroeder.

After Robert Schroeder's abduction by Evening Primrose, Sergei reports to Eric Nishijima that Schroeder had solved a formula referenced in the plan and that the Third Sector's research team had reached the same conclusion. He concurs with Eric's assertion that they no longer need Schroeder and says that they now have a replacement for the stolen Meteor Fragment.[3]

Shikkoku no Hana[]

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