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The Syndicate is an organization which operates behind the scenes at many levels, right up to leadership roles in the police, government and PANDORA. They are the primary antagonist of the series, despite that the main protagonists, Hei, Yin, Huang and Mao, have all worked for the Syndicate.


The Syndicate keeps its ultimate objectives highly secret, and is in fact merely another facade for a global organization, in control of the PANDORA institute. This group declares to be looking to stabilize the planet's status and destroy the Hell's Gate and wiping out all Contractors.[1] They had known allegiances with MI-6 and the Japanese Police. The current status of the organization is unknown. At the ending of season 2, a new Syndicate is formed consisting of Misaki Kirihara, Goro Kobayashi, Oreille and Mao.


The Syndicate was originally formed fifty years ago to prevent the prophecies of the Mikata Documents from coming true. Since then, many organisations had fought among themselves, wanting the Syndicate's great power, and the Syndicate went through numerous phases of expansion and splitting. Due of this, the Syndicate lost sight of its original goal.[2]

Modus Operandi[]

Its operatives work with both Contractors and Dolls to achieve their objectives, and even have access to Memory Extractor technology in order to erase sightings of their affairs from witnesses' minds. The Syndicate makes extensive use of a cell system, handlers and "word of mouth" communication in relaying both missions and operative status. The Syndicate sends operatives on a wide variety of missions, from industrial espionage to assassinations and rescue missions. Their missions were often elaborate and lengthy, such as the attempt to assassinate Alma taking three years[3] and their ruse to enter the American embassy by making the police believe that EPR was going to bomb the embassy. This was accomplished by altering the memory of a number of people, including the Contractor K-10, who when caught wrongly revealed to them that he was an EPR member and was going to bomb the embassy. A Syndicate team then bombed the embassy themselves and PANDORA security used the opportunity to enter the embassy.[4] In the face of it, it seemed that MI-6, the Japanese police and most crime fighting organizations were hunting down the Syndicate.

Known Members[]

New Syndicate[]

Old Syndicate[]

Former Members[]


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