Regarding "Bernice" and "Ariel"Edit

I've noticed that her name is credited as ベレニス - wouldn't that make "Berenice" a more accurate romanization of her name? It'll also sync better with the French overtones that are given to Madame Oreille. Of course, that leaves us with Ariel...which apparently does have a French variant (Arielle) although I'm not quite sure if people even care at this point. Just wanted to throw this out there though, because DTB is one of those rare series that actually stay pretty darn faithful to foreign naming conventions (e.g., the Pavlichenkos and Suou's friends) instead of coming up with over-the-top crazies like Sasha Kruezhev (To Aru ...). 16:00, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

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