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The Dog
Gaiden 4 Dog Contractor Human Form
Real Name Unknown
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Ability Possession
Obeisance Painting nails
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Syndicate
Occupation Syndicate Operative
Former Partner Xi-Qi
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Gaiden Episode 1
Last Seen Gaiden Episode 4
Japanese Voice Natsuba Inoue
English Voice Stephanie Sheh

The Dog is an apparent high ranking member of the Syndicate.


She is a Contractor working in the employ of the Syndicate. She and Xi-Qi are assigned to aprehend Yin. It apparently is very interested in the evolution of Yin and Hei's movement.


She has extremely close cropped blonde hair and wears purple lipstick and nail varnish, matching her purple eyes. She has a red tattoo on her right arm. She wears a black tanktop and black fingerless glooves, as well as a necklace.

The dog she possesses is a large black dog with purple eyes, which have a red tint. The dog has a loose fitting collar, more akin to a necklace.


She is calm and collected, speaking after careful consideration.

Powers & Abilities[]

The Dog

Her ability allows her to possess people and animals.

Possession: Her powers involve the possession of people and animals. If the victim is possessed, their eyes will become the same as hers. She typically uses the body of a black dog and while in this form, can speak with humans if she wishes.[1]

Obeisance: Painting her nails.[2]

Part in the Story[]


S2G1 Claude and The Dog

The Dog and Xi-Qi.

After Hei kills three Syndicate Contractors, she appears and makes her appearance known to Hei and Yin. However, Hei brushes off the appearance as a stray animal. After Hei saves Yin from the Syndicate, she arrives at the room where Yin was held and observes the aftermath of the battle before speaking about Yin's growing powers with Xi-Qi.[1]

She and Xi-Qi follow Hei and Yin to Hing Kong[3] before gaining access to EPR's jungle hideout where she listens as Xi-Qi discusses his intentions with Amagiri. She disapproves of Xi-Qi's desire to awaken Yin's power and is attacked by him.[4]

S2G4 The Dog Dies

Killed by Yin's awakening.

Back in her human body, she aids Hei in his attempt to free Yin, shooting down an attack helicopter with a missile and using her ability to possess a Contractor that is attacking Hei. She warns Hei about the dangers that lie ahead but he presses on regardless. When Hei is in trouble, she possesses his body and jumps out a window to allow him to escape. She is then killed by Izanami.[2]


Gaiden Appearances
Gaiden 01 Gaiden 02 Gaiden 03 Gaiden 04


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