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The Doll Sings to the Wind Flower...
SEpisode 7 title
Kazabana ni ningyou wa utau...
Air date November 19, 2009
Season Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor
Episodes S07
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The Smell is Sweet, the Heart is Bitter...
On Summer Days, the Sun Sways...
July Disguised
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In Russia, Repnin is updated on the hidden room and passages in Mikhail Pavlichenko's home and his escape plans, leaving him wondering what the professor was up to before his death. He is then interrupted by an officer delivering photos of the alive and well Mikhail Pavlichenko in Tokyo.

Since they’ve got a lot of enemies, Hei and company find it hard to get out of Hokkaido in order to get to Tokyo. Hei decides to hire someone to smuggle them through the checkpoints, and this lady ends up disguising July as a corpse and Hei and Suou as the grieving family. Shortly after arriving in Aomori though, the car that Hei and Suou are in gets a flat tire, and the hearse with the lady and July doesn’t stop. Hei and Mao figure out that this was intentional and that the lady’s goal was to steal July and sell him, but Hei also thinks that it’s a waste of time to go after him. Suou disagrees, and after seeing July’s observer spirit on a departing truck’s window, she hops into the back of the truck with Mao in tow and leaves Hei behind. She’s convinced that July is feeling lonely and helpless, and she believes that Contractors and Dolls retain some fragment of their emotions.

Through July’s observer spirit’s guidance, Suou and Mao find him being held in a warehouse. Remembering the lessons Hei taught her, Suou makes use of some broken glass and throws several shards at the woman who betrayed them until Mao finally stops her. While Suou is getting July though, a Contractor known as Ilya Sokolov who had been tracking them suddenly shows up. He kills off the woman with his Contractor ability to induce drugged states in people’s brains, and he easily captures Suou, July, and Mao. Fortunately, while he’s transporting them on the highway, their car is attacked by Hei. Despite hanging off the side of a moving car, Hei is able to use his wire as a garrotte to strangle Sokolov to death and save everyone. He attributes some of his success though to July who had used an observer spirit to distract Sokolov, and in the aftermath, July notes his pain when Suou touches the bump on his head.

The group then makes their way to Sendai and boards a train there, unaware that Repnin and Tanya are aboard the same train.

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