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The Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate, also known as the Friends of the Gate, is a religious order lead by the Contractor Alma.[1]


The order not only worships the Hell's Gate, but believe the wall encircling it was built by evil people and that the Gate appeared because of evil people. The order's teachings are contained in a book called The Black Verse, which has over 200 pages. They have an annual festival devoted to the Hell's Gate, which is central to their faith. Alma only appears to her people once every year at this festival.[1] Alma created the order so that Contractors can show their pride.[2]


The followers of the order usually wear an off-white uniform with orange highlights. The security personnel carry staffs or rifles.[2] The order publishes pamphlets entitled "The Servants of the Gate and You" which are distributed by plain clothed preachers to go door to door around Tokyo.[1]

Church Compound[]

S1E20 Friends of Gate church

The order's compound.

The order operates out of a single story church, which is a white modern looking building with a seat shaped tower at the centre. The building is surrounded by a large pond and is covered in surveillance cameras. The Founder, Alma, and a select few followers have access to a secret room underneath the church. The building contains a number of special purpose rooms, such as educating new recruits and unmonitored confessional rooms.[1] 200 metres from the main church is a deserted, walled village, where the bed-ridden Alma lives in an underground chamber.[2]

Evening Primrose[]

The order is a front for the activities of the group known as Evening Primrose, who use the order as cover for the collection and smuggling of Dolls for a surveillance network.[1]


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