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Gender Male
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Rope Manipulation
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation The Syndicate
Partner Dash
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Chapter 9. Parcel and Champ
Last Seen Chapter 18. Assault

Top-Rope is a Contractor working for The Syndicate.




Rope Manipulation: Top-rope is able to freely control a stretch of rope he carries with him. The rope is incredibly strong and durable, able to squeeze people to death and cope with a two ton weight.[1] He is able to use the rope to block bullets by having it weave in front of him.[2]


His obeisance is Unknown.

Part in Story[]

Along with Dash, Top-rope is dispatched to capture Yin. As they enter a building, they spot Yin. Top-rope points out that there is an escape route, prompting Dash to use his ability to appear behind her while Top-rope prepares to tie her up. However, they are surprised by the appearance of Champ, who quickly defeats Top-rope.[3]

At the Nishijima Group Headquarters, Dash and a heavily bandaged Top-rope silently stand beside Abigail as she apologizes to Commander Nishijima and explains about the mechanical properties of Champ.[4] Later, Dash wakes up Top-rope late at night. Top-rope asks why he hasn't turned on the light, prompting Dash to say that he is concerned, noting that there are no security patrols even though it is time for their patrol. Noting that Dash's instincts are usually accurate, he gets up and grabs his rope. As they try to leave, they are attacked by a group of soldiers. Top-rope wonders if they are Contractors, but Dash says they are human. After seeing Dash die, he uses his ability to block the soldier's bullets with his rope, but his head is cut open from behind by one of the soldiers.[5]


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