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Poll 30OCT-15NOV

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Poll was conducted from 30/10/09 till 03/01/10 309 people have voted!

Notes for voters;
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This poll was created to see what kind of impact the new characters have on the fans.

In the past 65 days 309 people have voted. The result is;
  1. Suou Pavlichenko - 146 votes
  2. Mina Hazuki - 49 votes
  3. Genma Shizuma - 28 votes
  4. Goran (deceased) - 24 votes
  5. August 7 (deceased) - 23 votes
  6. Shion Pavlichenko - 16 votes
  7. Tanya - 16 votes
  8. Nika - 5 votes
  9. Prof. Pavlichenko - 2 votes

All in all, we can say that people really liked the new protagonist Suou. The fact that Goran, who was killed by April at the end of the first episode, got more votes then Tanya, Nika and even Shion is a witness to either Goran's popularity or the formers unpopularity.