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Poll 10SEP-20SEP

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Poll was conducted from 10/09/09 till 20/09/09

51 people voted!


This poll was created to see which one of these characters are favored by the viewers.


In the past 10 days 51 people voted. The result is;

  1. Hei - 24 votes
  2. Yin - 14 votes
  3. Amber - 7 votes
  4. Mao - 3 votes
  5. November 11 - 3 votes

All in all, we can say that Hei is the most favorite character with 47% of all votes. Yin follows him with 27% and Amber with 14%. Mao and November 11 tie at 6%. Please let us know here, if we have missed out your favorite character.