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Xiao Brothers
S2G2 Xiao Jie and Brothers
Gender Male
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Gravity Manipulation
Birthplace China
Relatives Xiao Jie
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Criminals
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Gaiden Episode 2
Last Seen Gaiden Episode 2

The Xiao brothers are the two large brothers of Xiao Jie. Like their sister, they are both Contractors.


The brothers are both tall, burly men with shaved heads. Their heads are tattooed with Yin-Yang symbols which mirror each other. They wear traditional Chinese robes, one blue and the other green, both with gold highlights. Chinese writing is emblazoned on the chest of both outfits, the one on the blue being "sky" and the other being "land".[1]


S2G2 Xiao Brother breaks wall

The brothers are strong enough to break through walls.

Gravity Manipulation: Both brothers can manipulate gravity. While their sister uses gravity to crush her opponents, the brothers use it to lift and move objects. They can use this ability to drop objects on their opponents to crush them.

Obeisance: Unknown.

Enhanced Strength: The brothers are strong enough to punch holes through walls which are large enough to step through.[1]

Part in the Story[]


Gaiden 2 Claude ability

Xi-Qi stabs one of the brothers while posing as the other.

When rumours are spread in Hong Kong that Hei wants to sell Yin, Xiao Jie expresses interest in buying her. Arrangements are made to meet with Qin, Hei and Yin. When they meet, Yin states that Xiao plans to kill them anyway, leading to Xiao and her brothers attacking them. While Qin and Yin flee, the brothers pursue them. The brother in green is attacked by Xi-Qi, who uses his ability to trick him in to thinking that Xi-Qi is his brother and then stabs him. Xi-Qi then forces him to use his own ability to drop a contained on top of him, resulting in his death. The other brother eventually finds him and carries him back to where Hei and Jie fought, only to find that his sister is also dead. He grabs Jie's sword and tries to attack Yin, but is killed by an EPR Contractor.[1]


Gaiden Appearances
Gaiden 01 Gaiden 02 Gaiden 03 Gaiden 04


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