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Xiao Jie
S2G2 Xiao Jie profile pic
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Manipulation of Gravity
Obeisance Stripping
Birthplace China
Relatives 2 Unnamed Brothers
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Section 3
Occupation Underworld Dealer
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Gaiden Episode 2
Last Seen Gaiden Episode 3
Japanese Voice Junko Minagawa

Xiao Jie is a Contractor and an underworld dealer who works with her two twin brothers. She expressed some interest in the evolving Doll, Yin. It was later revealed that she may have been working for Section 3.


Xiao has short black hair, teal eyes and fair skin. She wears black heels, black pantyhose and a long, red slit skirt with a black and white belt, a matching red top with a black and white embellishment similar to the belt and a long black detached sleeve on her right arm. Additionally, some jewelry, make up and a scorpion tattoo on her torso.[1]


Gravity Manipulation: Xiao's ability allows her to control gravity, such as moving objects from a distance and increasing gravity in a certain area to crush enemies. She uses her ability to manipulate gravity with two swords.[1]

Obeisance: She needs to take off a piece of clothing; accessories such as earrings count.[1]

Swordsmanship Specialist: Xiao has been shown to be quite skilled in swordsmanship, enough to fight evenly with Hei.[1]

Part in the Story[]

S2G2 Hei fights Xiao Jie

Xiao fighting Hei.

When rumours are spread in Hong Kong that Hei wants to sell Yin, Xiao expresses interest in buying her. Arrangements are made to meet with Qin, Hei and Yin. When they meet, Yin states that Xiao plans to kill them anyway, leading to Xiao and her brothers attacking them. While Qin and Yin flee, she fights with Hei and manages to immobilize him. However, immediately after this Izanami/Yin forces her to use her own power to crush herself to death.[1]


Gaiden Appearances
Gaiden 01 Gaiden 02 Gaiden 03 Gaiden 04


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