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Yōko Sawasaki
Yōko Sawasaki (Gaiden 2)
Gender Female
Race Human
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Section 3
Team Genma Shizuma, Mina Hazuki, Misaki Kirihara
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 1
Last Seen Gaiden Episode 2
Japanese Voice Kozue Yoshizumi
English Voice Tia Ballard

Yōko Sawasaki (沢崎 耀子 Sawasaki Yōko) was a former protege of Dr. Robert Schroeder and a staff member of the MIAC team with Genma Shizume and Mina Hazuki.


Yōko has long brown hair that has bangs covering her eyebrows, brown eyes and round-framed pink glasses.


Yōko was generally the most jovial of her team in Section 3, often making merry with both her own teammates and others that she meets. However, her outgoing persona belied a darker and scientific nature as Yōko is able to use advanced and powerful devices, such as the anti-Contractor devices that robbed Hei of his powers.[1]

Part in the Story[]


Yōko meets with Dr. Robert Schroeder, and the two discuss the effects that 'Gate particles' and 'anti-Gate' particles have on Contractors. He also shows her his new anti-Contractor weapon. After she leaves, Yōko gets a phone call from Goro Kobayashi. He tells her that he is sending her to Hong Kong after Izanami and has assigned Mina Hazuki to fill her in on the details. Yōko introduces herself and Mina embraces her.[2] When Xi-Qi invites several factions to buy Yin, Goro, Mina and Yōko observe Yin's awakening from a nearby van equipped with various sensor readouts.[3]

Gemini of the Meteor[]

S2E2 Yoko, Mina and Genma

Yōko looks on as Mina Hazuki kisses Genma Shizume

Along with Mina Hazuki and Genma Shizuma, Yōko taps into a radio conversation between July, April and August 7 as April tries to escape from a Russian raid on Mikhail Pavlichenko's house.[4] Later, after Mina's brief confrontation with Hei, she welcomes her back as she approaches her van, and watches as Mina immediately leaps on Genma and kisses him, startling her. She comments that such a remuneration must be troublesome for her as she gives Mina a bottle of alcohol with which to rinse her mouth out, but is cut off when Mina suddenly kisses her next, as Mina states 'wash out the aftertaste', and Yōko is eventually left dangling limp. She and Mina bury four anti-Contractor devices in a port area and after the conclusion of Hei's fight with August 7, she tells Mina that they are ready. Mina activates them and Hei is engulfed in an energy field which drain him of his powers.[5]

S2E3 Yōko Sawasaki and Genma Shizume

Yōko and Genma watch as the progress of the anti-Contractor devices.

However, soon after, the drones malfunction, and Yōko can't discover why, unaware of Hei's powers being transferred to Suou Pavlichenko, thus causing the error. The next day she accompanies Genma and Mina to a train station, and watches as a skirmish breaks out between Hei and the forces of the FSB, while Mina and Genma carry out their plan.[1]

S2E5 Misaki Kirihara and Yoko Sawasaki

Yōko and Misaki Kirihara pass through security on way to visit Izanami

At Section 3's headquarters Kobayashi introduces Misaki Kirihara to the team, and Yōko introduces herself.[6] When Misaki is conducting research on the Mikata Documents and Izanami, Yōko interrupts her and brings her to a team briefing where Goro Kobayashi reveals a mission to escort Izanami from Sapporo, where Bk-201 is. Yōko drives Misaki and Mina to the hotel where BK-201 was spotted, before they head to the research facility to collect Izanami. Misaki gives a mission briefing to the team before going to check on Izanami with Yōko.[7]

S2E6 Izanami, Misaki and Yoko

Yōko and Misaki with Izanami's container.

When Izanami is loaded on to the submarine and they leave Sapporo, Misaki points out that BK-201's electricity ability could spell disaster for them in the water and asks Yōko if she is certain about him losing her powers. Yōko assures her that there was no mistake in their analysis of what happened in Russia and that he has indeed lost his powers.[8]

S2E9 Hei abducts Yoko Sawasaki

Yōko is abducted by Hei.

Later, she accompanies Mina to Haneda airport to collect something. The two talk for a while, but after Mina's grandfather arrives, Yōko opts to give the two some privacy. While waiting outside, she is approached by Hei, who is disguised as a member of the airport staff. Hei tells her that the item is ready and escorts her to a remote part of the airport. Yōko questions where he is taking her, and in response, Hei reveals himself. Yōko attempts to flee, but she is easily stopped and knocked out. Both Genma and Mina make attempts to retrieve her, but are unsuccessful and Hei escapes the airport with her as his captive.[9]


Yōko's body found by Mina

Later, Hei has her strapped to a chair, using interrogative methods to attempt to make her divulge the location of Yin, known to her as Izanami. With some prodding from Hei, she eventually does, but also reveals both Izanami's nature as an anti-Contractor weapon, and her own fears for Mina concerning Izanami. Hei soothes her by telling her that he'll put a stop to Izanami, which visibly relieves her and Hei leaves. However, she is later found in the same room by Mina, Goro, and other Section 3 agents, having being brutally murdered by Genma, with her body and clothes ravaged and several fingers visibly broken. Mina, shaken, briefly mourns her, apologizing for not being able to protect her, and kisses her corpse, swearing that she will avenge her.[10]


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  • The name Yōko means "shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle" (耀) () and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Yōko's surname Sawasaki means "marsh" (沢) (sawa) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).



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